Primary Schools

Wilthorpe Infant School

A one day workshop to explore the different ways of learning with pupils from Wilthorpe Infants. Qdos  delivered a workshop exploring the concept of kinaesthetic learning or learning by using our body. Groups of children participated in workshops which demonstrated how effective using your body can be when you want to learn something new.


The Mill Academy

Children participated in a creative workshop that focussed on raising aspirations and how to achieve them. They explored the concept of harnessing a positive mental attitude even in times of adversity.

Through the activities the young people were empowered to strive for their goals. Feedback from participants showed that they would aim to keep working to achieve even when something becomes difficult for them.


High View Primary Learning Centre - Scooper Heroes

In partnership with Berneslai Homes a dance theatre workshop, for children aged 9-11 years, was delivered to raise awareness of the issue of dog fouling in the local community. The children explored the idea of being a 'Scooper Hero' and developed messages to share with the wider community about the negative impacts of not being a responsible dog owner. The children also designed anti dog-fouling posters that were entered into a Berneslai Homes competition and displayed in the local community.


Awareness Raising Workshop - Smoking

Pupils from Wombwell Park Street Primary, Kings Oak Primary and High View Primary Learning Centre participated in workshops to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles and increase their knowledge of the harmful effects of smoking. The workshop leader utilised creative activities to build their confidence to deal with peer pressure situations related to smoking. The children said they felt informed of the facts and more confident to say 'no'.


Healthy Lifestyles Family Project

Following the Qdos Creates 'Swap' performance at LangleyMill School a follow on project was developed. Eight weekly participatory workshops were delivered for parents and children to develop work on healthy lifestyles and strengthen the connection and relationship between the school, children and parents. The workshops consisted of creative physical activities that promoted health and wellbeing in a holistic way. The aim was to create a nurturing environment that would develop positive relationships and interaction between parents and their children and strengthen their involvement and relationship with school.

Throughout the project participants developed physical, social and life skills such as team work, helping each other, problem solving, co-ordination, goal setting and focus. Together they created a dance performance and a film that focussed on the theme of achievement and helping each other. Participants developed confidence, self-esteem and positive relationships with each other and school staff. As a result of participation in this project some parents increased their involvement in school life and began to engage with further activities on offer to them, this included participation in healthy cooking workshops, a school fun day and a sponsoredrun to raise money for school trips.

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