Broken (2010)

An emotional and moving performance which focuses on the effects relationship breakdown can have on families.

Charlie's world is turned upside down when her dad decides to leave her mum…

Broken Production

"Why is everything so different now?
I just wish things were back to normal…
I just can't be bothered.
They should just say if they don't want me.
Dad's always with his new family… and mum's just… moody.
I proper don't feel well. I feel sick. My heads banging!
I miss dad… all I want is for mum and dad to be together again…
I might as well pack up and leave, no-one will miss me.
I just want someone to make it all better…
But no-one can."

'Broken' combines original text and poetry with dance theatre to create a visually exciting but contemporary piece that is aimed as secondary school aged young people and has been well received by adult audiences.

The performance is followed by an interactive discussion session and practical dance theatre workshop. These sessions use the characters in the performance as a vehicle to explore feelings that arise due to family breakdown and how these can impact on mental health. Through the session participants discuss how separation or divorce can affect everyday life and look at ways to access support and improve negative family situations.

Praise for Broken

"The performance about relationship breakdown (Broken) was fantastic, congratulations to your team. I also think that this performance would benefit the pastoral co-ordinators in school, just to bring home to them the importance of how family break ups can affect the Childs mood and behaviour in school. I would love to see more. Thank you".
Joanne Halliday, School Nurse

"I totally underestimated how powerful the Qdos performance would be at delivering a message about mental health issues to children and adults alike".
Lesley White, Play Therapist

"I've seen it three times and each time it brought a tear to my eye".
Maxine Marsh, Children and Adult Mental Health Services, Barnsley


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