Behind Closed Doors (2008)

Behind Closed Doors Production

He is charming and personable – but on a short fuse. Controlling and stressed, he’s out at work all day. She is isolated, lonely and vulnerable, cut-off from family and friends and seven-months pregnant. What happens when the dynamics of love go wrong?

Two performers explore ‘public’ and ‘private’ behaviour within an abusive relationship.

Using the ‘cycle of abuse’ as a structure, and utilising current research and case studies, Behind Closed Doors shows how easy it is to become a victim of domestic abuse. The performance is subtle and under-stated, and transcends barriers of social class to break down physical, emotional, psychological and sexual stereotypes.

The original album Time Between Times, by Barnsley singer-songwriter Maria Lynch was used as a stimulus to create the performance, and the final soundtrack features the two songs, Feel You Close and Move It On.

Behind Closed Doors was commissioned with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s Safer Communities (now the Community Safety Service) and Barnsley Primary Care Trust. The piece was first performed at a conference which tackled domestic abuse. 

Praise for Behind Closed Doors

“Very moving – presented with great depth and feeling – really felt the anxiety and fear of the female partner.”
Support worker, women and children’s refuge

“I was impressed with the emotional and oppressive control that was portrayed. These tend to be the first signs that we see other than physical abuse.”
Police constable, South Yorkshire Police

“Quite shocking in a thought-provoking way. It makes us aware how vulnerable people can become in a violent situation and how easy it would be to become a victim.”
Principal care manager, social services

“Very powerful and highlighted other diverse forms of abuse. I think any organisation would benefit from taking on this play.”
Independent domestic violence advocate, Victim Support

Sarah Mainwaring, director, BMBC’s Safer Communities Partnership, commented: “I knew I could rely on Qdos to produce the piece quickly, and to a high standard, and I knew that Qdos would research the issue and understand the message I was needing to portray. And I certainly was not disappointed. The piece delivered a very hard-hitting, but poignant message. It did not give the answers, which allowed the audience to think for themselves, neither did it offer a definite conclusion, but left the risk hanging in the air for the audience to debate upon.”

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