Flux Production

Flux explores the process of change using an experience common to most; starting a new school. The piece delves into themes of bullying, friendship and acceptance. With very synchronised, stylised movements, four performers explore what it is like – the sleepless night before, being bullied on the school bus, and getting lost in the maze that is a secondary school.

Praise for Flux

“Gives confidence to young people and enables them to express their feelings about common problems. Particularly good for children with special needs who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally and on paper.”
Teacher, Carlton Junior and Infant School, Barnsley

"A very professional and energetic group of people staff found the ideas very useful for further development."
St Michael’s School, Barnsley

"Bullying in all forms is unacceptable. We need more creative productions like Flux to raise awareness."
Mick Clapham MP, Barnsley West and Penistone

`"Absolutely brilliant! Energetic and interesting. All pupils willingly took part in the workshop - a major achievement I assure you!"
Teacher, Wheatley Hills Middle School, Doncaster


photos: Anton Want

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