Just Playing (2004)

Just Playing Production

“Hiya, my name’s Green, and I’m really good at maths, but I’m not very good at making friends.”

“My name’s Red. I’ve got loads of friends me, but I’m not so good at throwing and catching.”

“I’m Blue, I’m well cool and the captain of all the sports teams - watch this. But I don’t like doing reading and homework.”

“How do you make friends? I wish there were some instructions.”

Just Playing is a fast-moving and energetic performance created for a primary-aged audience. It follows the three characters Red, Green and Blue as they come up against the issues of being left-out, feeling a failure and being bullied.  Each character’s strength comes to the fore and is celebrated, as the three learn to value each others differences. Playground games and play are promoted throughout the piece making a familiar setting for a young audience.

The creation of Just Playing was funded through Awards for All

Praise for Just Playing

“An excellent day, which involved and excited the children but dealt with serious issues effectively”
Head-teacher, Barnsley

“Excellent – High Energy – Fun approach to serious issues. Well structured and managed sessions”
Teacher, Oxford

“A fantastic fun packed day exploring issues surrounding friendship. A great starting point for PHSE lessons”
Teacher, Barnsley

“The children were talking about it for some time …and are convinced they would like to be performers in their adult lives”
Learning mentor, Bradford


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