Kick Off (2002)

Kick Off Production

"Cos we all sleep and laugh and cry the same...” 

It’s a true love story. Kizzy and Jay’s relationship is secret. Their parents find out and try to stop them seeing each other. Kizzy is a gypsy. Jay isn’t. No-one understands them. Is their story doomed? 

“Take my hand,
Lead me to another day,
Help me understand
Why you have to be this way.

Take my soul,
Lead me to another place,
Where no-one cares
About the colour of my face. “

From an original song by Maria Lynch

Kick Off was created in 2002 against the backdrop of the World Cup frenzy, commissioned by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s Safer Communities (now the Community Safety Service). A complex, multi-issue based performance that explores racism, homophobia and anti-social behaviour, it utilises football chants, song, music, physical theatre, text and dance.

It was widely researched with groups from the gypsy traveller community, young people, elderly people and other specialists with an interest in the issues. The performance toured locally and nationally to schools and youth centres. It was performed at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, the Arts Centre, Livingston, Edinburgh, and at Barnsley Football Club as part of the 'Kick Racism Out Of Football' initiative.

Praise for Kick Off

 “Great appeal for a young audience, I felt this production, Kick Off, was an effective learning tool.”
Prison worker, HMP Doncaster

“I felt the performance both carried important messages on crime, prejudice and aggression within a teenage context, and encouraged young people to consider drama and dance as a career.”
Mark Todd MP, South Derbyshire

“Councils can aim to change the environment in order to improve facilities for younger people. We can enforce legislation to ensure that victims are protected. But we can’t change hearts and minds. Qdos can.”
Phil Davies, former councillor, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council



Trailer for Kick Off.


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