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No Big Deal (1999)

No Big Deal Production

"It's hard being the only lad in the family - sometimes I just feel really misunderstood - I miss mi dad. I miss talking to him about all the things I can't talk about with mi mam. I miss playing football with him, all the things I see mi mates do makes me feel empty and hurt. So I spend most of mi time down here at the park. I was curious …I didn't think it would hurt to try. It was my kind of drug. I felt comfortable with it. It makes you feel warm and complete. But then you start to need more and more and more…”

A dark, gritty and emotive performance that utilises a close family relationship to demonstrate the dangers of drug misuse, No Big Deal tells the story of Jamie and his family and shows the affects of drug dependency. The piece explores physical and psychological addiction in relation to legal and illegal drugs, including alcohol, cigarettes, heroin, Ecstasy, cannabis and amphetamines.

Praise for No Big Deal

“I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and found it very moving. It was well-presented and gave a good insight into how someone may turn to drugs.”
Parent, Holgate School, Barnsley

“A great team of caring people and very much up on the issues of the day. It is obvious that they care.”
Audience member, Family/Friends of Drug Users Conference, Sheffield

“It was a playback of my own life with a heroin-user son.”
Audience member, Family/Friends of Drug Users Conference, Sheffield

“The visual impact of the movement, music and set enabled everyone in some way to relate to the performance.”
Teacher, Crevesford Special School, Barnsley



Trailer for No Big Deal.


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