Innovating and inspiring since 1995

Our dynamic performances fuse dance, drama, physical theatre and music. The productions and their scale are flexible, making them adaptable to different venues, as well as different demographics. Over the years our work has gained a reputation for quality, innovation and resonance, getting rave reviews along the way. 

Discussion/Q & A sessions

These are offered as follow-ups to our performance, giving audiences the opportunity to offer verbal feedback and to ask questions of the company members. Sessions can be tailored to different audiences; loose and informal or focused to produce more in-depth exploration of the issues raised in the performance so that the outcomes can be used for a specific purpose.

The discussions are led by the performers, and may be supported by other professionals or representatives of interest groups where appropriate. For instance: the discussion which followed Hoax, which explored the issue of arson, had input from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services; Under the Influence, which tackled alcohol misuse, involved South Yorkshire Police and drugs and alcohol advisors. School health and family planning services have also supported projects.

Issue-based workshops

All Qdos performances have practical dance theatre workshops that can be used to explore an issue or theme in more depth. This aims to further knowledge, increase understanding of the production and to experience the unique Qdos performance style.

Developing new work

The creation of new work is at the core of our company vision. Artistic Director Anjie Taylor is committed to the development of the programme, and strives for excellence in the research, delivery and development of the pioneering Qdos Creates performance style.

Partnership work is a central element in many projects. This makes our productions relevant and accessible to the widest variety of people. These elements define the unique nature of the company and its work.









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