Ready or Not (1997)

Ready or Not Production

"It's teen night down at the basement,
checking out the talent
snogging in the dark
buying some booze and sneaking it in -
bottle of cider, what a lark!"

"Every Friday night we come down here
every Friday night in our best chuffin’ gear.
He snogs you, you snog him
just open you legs and let him in!
Are you still a virgin?"

Emma is confused, isolated, afraid and pregnant. Now what?

A lively physical dance theatre piece using five performers, set in a park and a nightclub, Ready or Not is a realistic, funny and honest account of the pressure to start sexual relationships and the potentially serious consequence of unprotected sex.
The piece explores the long-term impact of teenage pregnancy on the lives of the characters, from both a male and female perspective.

Praise for Ready or Not

 “An effective method of portraying to teenagers and young adults the important issues surrounding sex and parenthood.”
Teacher, St Ninian’s High School, Isle of Man

“Pupils’ thinking was challenged in terms of the wider issues surrounding pregnancy, well-chosen, they target a vulnerable age group early enough to start them thinking.”
Teacher, Ramsay Grammar School, Isle of Man

“Key to the success of the Qdos programme are the workshops which allow young people to actively participate and enable them to voice their thoughts and opinions in a stimulating and supportive environment. More than that they help equip young people with the confidence and skills that allow them to make their own decisions and resist unhelpful peer pressure.”
Chris Edmonds, Chair, Prince's Trust, Isle of Man


photos: Anton Want


Trailer for Ready or Not.


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