Rec (1996)

It’s a time when no-one’s got much money… not round here, anyway. Me dad always works late and when he comes in he shouts at mi mam who’s always nagging… his breath stinks of booze and he lays on the sofa and tells me to, “get out, onto the street…”

Rec enters the destructive world of vandalism by exploring the many complex causes in contrast with the wide-ranging and damaging effects. Three performers create a highly-charged and very physical piece of dance theatre. It’s risky and pulls no punches. Acrobatic and gymnastic, it explores the fine line between playing and vandalism. Rec was commissioned by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s Crime Prevention Partnership (now the Community Safety Service).

Praise for Rec

Rec Production

"Rec was fresh and stimulating and encouraged young people to reflect on the personal and social consequences of vandalism in a meaningful way."
Barbara Fell, Crime and Community Services, South Yorkshire Police

"A passionate production demonstrating young peoples view about vandalism."
Denise Casbolt, Barnsley Crime Prevention Partnership

"As strong in the workshops as the performance... pupils felt as if they were treated on an equal basis."
Teacher, Dearne High School, Barnsley

"The visual impact of the movement, music and the set enabled everyone in some way to relate to the performance."
Teacher, Creavesford Special School, Barnsley

"A superb dance piece, discussion and highly relevant support pack... 72 young people were engaged in a project that had impact and relevance."
Youth Worker, Meir Community Education Centre, Stoke

"The workshop was my favourite. I had more fun than I thought."
Pupil, Edward Sheerian School, Barnsley

"When can we do it again?"
Pupil, Dearne High School


photos: Anton Want

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