Still Seeking (2008)

“For the sake of my child, I carry on. Through fear and pain I carry on, for her sake, her future, in the desperate hope for a better place, a better life away from here.”

Still Seeking is a dance theatre performance in three sections. Using original text, dance and movement three performers explore the displacement of people in a modern context. With resonances of the Holocaust and through the eyes of a family the piece aims to show the dehumanising and catastrophic affects of fascism on people in the modern world. The third section shows hope and a way forward in recognising the seeds of fascism and standing up to hatred and intolerance, based on the premise that the greatest courage of all is that of the individual against the crowd.

Still Seeking is part of the Citizenship Charter campaign organised by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s Safer Communities, which is encouraging local people to sign up to a charter pledging to combat racism and intolerance.

Qdos Creates are commissioned to work with Safer Communities to present an annual initiative to get to the heart of racially-motivated hate crimes through raising awareness in schools.

Praise for Still Seeking

Still Seeking Production

“The three dance routines performed by Qdos, under the direction of Anjie Taylor, were beautifully acted upon by the three very talented dancers, Katie, Paul and Jow. It was a stunning and poignant performance, transforming the emotions from despair to a life of hope.”
Ross Banerjee, project director, Barnsley Digital Media Centre

“If we think back to our own early learning it most likely began through stories, pictures, singing rhymes, role-play and trying to dance. There is no cut-off point where these art forms stop delivering new understanding and appreciation at any level. To watch three people so poignantly depict the plight of six million people and an entire nation was devastatingly effective.”
Mel Dyke, educationalist and writer

“Your performance was really powerful and thought-provoking; it sent shivers down my spine. At times I felt uncomfortable and quite emotional, but that’s a good thing because it made the piece feel all the more real. It really added to the evening, giving a glimpse of what families had to endure during the Holocaust and still do today around the world.”  
Mark Robinson, out-reach worker, the BARN drugs and alcohol project, Barnsley

“Qdos's performance was moving and provoked tears. I particularly liked the artist who played the mother. When she sang it was almost unbearable. As usual, your artists are first class. I can see why they are so successful in schools. The emotion was shown so movingly that I'm sure children watch in silence, as did the audience at The Civic. There was a feeling of sadness too, because of the present conflict in Palestine. When will we ever learn?”
Maureen Wood, community volunteer and Qdos trustee


photos: Paul Hilton


Rehearsal of Still Seeking.


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