The storyline explores the lifestyles of ‘Ollie’ and ‘Tia’ and what happens when they swap houses and lives for a week. Ollie doesn’t like fruit and vegetables and Tia likes staying indoors and being driven to school …… that’s until they take part in the school’s Family Swap Project! Ollie and Tia swap houses for a week and experience how different each other’s lives can be and discover that being healthy can also be fun! Throughout the performance the characters go on a journey of discovery and new experiences with some unexpected surprises!

The Swap performance has been created to promote a healthy lifestyle. The performance combines an exciting collaboration of dance, theatre, singing and props to promote a holistic and healthy lifestyle and to highlight the importance of health and wellbeing.

Swap has toured exntensively in Barnsley, Derbyshire and the Isle of Man.

Post-Performance Discussion

The performance is followed by a discussion, this is an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and share their thoughts and opinions relating to the performance. 

Participatory Dance Theatre Workshop

The participatory workshop is an opportunity for children and parents to explore the themes and ideas raised in the performance and discussion through dance, theatre, singing, props and creative tasks to raise awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the workshop children and parents have the opportunity to participate in a ‘body promise’ activity together to identify any changes they want to make towards leading a healthy lifestyle.  

 Praise for Swap

“Brilliant Really enjoyed it”.  Ann Jesopp - Head Teacher- Foxdale Primary Academy IOM


“The children were all engaged, they thoroughly enjoyed the drama and dance. It has brought together people who do not normally work with each other”. Kim Barlls – Teacher (ages 8-11 yrs) – Jurby Primary School

“They children have really enjoyed all aspects of this alternative learning experience. The performers were fantastic in every part of their delivery of the days entertainment. Highly Recommended. Very professional and lovely people.”  Alison Ritson – Victoria Road Primary School

“I really liked seeing you dance it was a brilliant performance and I liked making up my own acting” Megan – year 5 student - St Johns Primary School


 “I loved your show. I hope you come again” Ashton - year 4 student – Ballacottier Primary School


 “I liked acting because we got to perform and get over our fears” Aiden - year5/6 student- Andreas Primary School


 “It was excellent!” Ivo - year5/6 student- Andreas Primary School


“It was wonderful” Ariana - year5/6 student- Andreas Primary School



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