Who Do You Think You Are? (2010)

Who Do You Think You Are Production

Casey and Madigan are best friends and in the school football team. Their friendship is challenged when Laura and Levan, refugees from another country, want to join the team.

Who Do You Think You Are? is a 15-minute performance which explores issues relating to racism through the eyes of the two friends as they debate questions of friendship, bullying and what happens when new people want to join their circle. The production challenges racist myths and stereotypes relating to asylum seekers and refugees, and promotes equality and diversity.

Delivered by two performers, Who Do You Think You Are?, combines physical dance theatre with original text, utilising football movements within the choreography in a visually-engaging way. It is aimed at school years 6, 7 and 8 (for children aged 10-13 years).

The performance is followed by a practical dance theatre workshop which explores in more depth the issues raised. This encourages participants to question stereotypes and celebrate difference, raising confidence, self-esteem and developing social and emotional intelligence. Participants are given up-to-date accurate information relating to the issues raised in the performance and encouraged to develop informed opinions and choices. This project was commissioned by Barnsley Safer Communities.

Praise for Who Do You Think You Are?

“The Qdos teams delivery was clear and effective and questions were tailored to meet the needs of the learners the. The workshop was excellent and included children on a range of different levels appropriate to their needs.”
Teaching assistant, Greenacre School, Barnsley

“A really thought-provoking experience for the children.“
Advanced skills teacher, Head of Year 7, Integrated Curriculum, Wombwell High School

“Sends a message to people’s heads and it really sinks in.”
Pupil, Priory School, Barnsley

“Helped me to think about how they would feel. Made me want to cry if I was in their shoes.”
Pupil, Priory School, Barnsley


photos: Gavin Joynt

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