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Qdos offers work placement opportunities for young people aged 14 upwards. Our partner organisations include Business Education South Yorkshire, Trident, and schools and colleges regionally and nationally.

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Experiences of work placement with Qdos

"Qdos Creates gave me an amazing opportunity and made me realise my love for teaching. They have shown me how a company is run, and given me an insight into the challenges you face and how rewarding being apart of a company like this is!!

Thank you so much QDOS Creates for this opportunity."

Amy, 3rd year Dance degree student, Doncaster University Centre


"First I would like to thank Qdos, especially Anjie and Katrina for giving me the opportunity to work with a professional company such as theirs. After completing my two week placement, which involved shadowing and helping with GCSE dance, Youth dance, Mencap and being given a project task to complete, I feel this experience has been very valuable. Not only have I gained an insight into the many different strands Qdos has to offer, but now have the confidence and experience to take my career further. My two weeks spent with the company has been one of the best experiences up to date and one to remember. I hope to volunteer with Qdos in the future and broaden my skills, in which Qdos always want to help. Thank you once again."

Melissa, 3rd year Dance BA, Doncaster University Centre


"I have just finished a two week work placement with Qdos Creates as part of my university assessment work. I was required to work with a professional company and carry out interviews with the directors and dancers. During my time at Qdos Creates I was able to explore many of the strands which the company offer. Due to Qdos Creates being such a diverse company it was a fantastic opportunity to work with them and gain experience for the future. I am so grateful for everything they offered us and the information they shared with us in order for us to carry out our presentations in a few weeks. They are such an inspiring company and it has being the highlight of my time at university, I cannot wait to do some more work experience! A big thank you to Anjie and Katrina for taking us on for work placement and setting us such an interesting project, it has been amazing :)."

Emma, 3rd year Dance BA, Doncaster University Centre


"Work experience with Qdos Creates has been really exciting and filled with a lot of different experiences. I have gained many skills while being here like teamwork and have experienced the effort made to ensure that people all around the UK get information that could potentially change their lives."

Davina, Holy Trinity, South Yorkshire


Dear Qdos Creates,

“What is unique about Qdos workshops are the level of research undertaken by the company prior to the delivery of the workshops and performances. We were educated significantly through the workshops, which goes to show how much knowledge the young children must have gained as the target audience…
“…The Qdos workers discussed many local facts and information. This made the workshops very relevant to the particular group of kids and to that particular school. We believe that Qdos workshops and performances are very unique and there is nothing out there like them Qdos definitely achieves its aim “to explore issues relevant to young people…
“...The work that Qdos carries out is extremely diverse and we are very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with such an influential and successful company.”

Thanks again, Amanda and Amy, Telford College, Edinburgh

Dear Qdos Creates,

 “Throughout my work experience, I developed and improved on a range of skills from developing my teaching skills to improving my public speaking skills. I also learned a few skills with working with technical equipment, including how to coil wires properly and how to mess around with the lighting desk. As well as this, I have learnt a range of new dance moves, warm-up techniques, re-warms and rhymes…
“…As well as the fantastic shows and cool workshops Qdos also put a massive message across to all the young people watching the show. The show is fantastic and put together in a way which makes youths think about what is happening and how to deal with different situations.”

Yours sincerely, Amy, 15, Barnsley Academy School, South Yorkshire

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